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Every year the New Zealand wine industry uses up to 30 million vine clips to hold protective nets over ripening grapes, keeping birds and other pests away.

But what happens to them once the nets are removed?

The clips fall to the ground and either require extra labour to collect and dispose of them in landfill waste (not ideal), or they stay where there are, littering the vineyards and contributing to microplastic pollution.

The biodegradable PolyNatural® Terrain vine clip is our solution.

They are 100% bio-based using a non-GMO raw material that has no petrochemicals or toxic additives and comes from waste created from processing wood. That waste is then fermented using micro-organisms and shaped to create a durable clip that can fully degrade in the right soil conditions.

PolyNatural® Terrain is both biodegradable and manufactured from biomass, meaning our PolyNatural® Terrain vine clips have the great advantage of presenting a closed loop. C02 and H2O combine with the biomass from biodegradation and feed the growth of plants that could be transformed into bio material themselves.

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100% bio-based

Comes from waste created from processing wood


Degrades over time in the right soil conditions


Strong enough to hold protection nets in place

Made in New Zealand

Designed with feedback and input from a local vineyard and produced in Christchurch

Individual Clips

Available as individual clips in boxes of 10,000.

Coiled Clips

Available coiled in boxes of 20,000

Available individually in boxes of 10,000

Available coiled in boxes of 20,000.

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Pallet net product stewardship scheme

In an effort to reduce single use plastic. We are currently trailing the use of pallet nets, rather than using shrink wrap.

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