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Biodegradable vine clips

Every year the New Zealand wine industry uses an estimated 1.8 million plastic clips to hold nets over ripening bunches of grapes to prevent loss from birds and other pests. The clips are used for 6 to 8 weeks until the nets are removed, and the clips fall to the ground, littering vineyards and contributing to a building microplastic pollution problem.

Our PolyDegrade™ Vine Clips aim to stop all that.

Initially made using an early prototype of a biodegradable polymer, our vine clips are being carefully designed to both go the distance to help protect the vines and degrade naturally into the soil once their job is done.

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Holds strongly


Being developed to gradually degrade into soil over time

Easy to transport and store

Can be supplied loose or on rolls

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The story behind the development of our PolyDegrade™ Vine Clip

When Crown Research Institue, Scion, approached us to help develop a faster degrading bioplastic vine clip for the viticulture industry, we threw everything we could at the challenge.

Harnessing the expertise of our extrusion team, we optimised the clip to create a solution that's not just sustainable, but scalable too.

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