For nearly 50 years we’ve helped construction businesses create those little polymer ‘somethings’ that make their big idea work.

Our innovative team works closely with our clients in the construction industry to design and develop rigid and flexible polymer products to solve even the most specific challenges. A unique, perfectly designed little polymer ‘something’ can make all the difference.

Our customers often look to us to not only manufacture their products but collaborate with their leading design teams and look for opportunities to add value, improve quality and efficiency and save manufacturing costs.

We supply profiles that are used in both external cladding and interior systems. We work closely with our customers to design, refine, and manufacture quality and robust products they're proud to take to market.

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construction polymers

Key Products

  • Air/water seals
  • External mouldings/trims
  • Waterstop extrusions
  • Plasterboard extrusions
  • Exterior flashings
  • Garage door seals
  • Breaker/freezer jambs
  • Wallboard mouldings
  • Freezer room door seals
  • Thermal break extrusions
  • Formwork mouldings
  • Glazing

A new approach to reducing waste

B&D Doors is one of our long-time partners. We’ve been creating seals and other PVC parts for their products for over 20 years. One of these parts has recently received a big upgrade, thanks to our innovative team. When the team at B&D identified some issues resulting in excess waste, they came to EPL. We set to work looking for a solution that would minimise the waste involved and produce a quality result.

The solution was to develop 2 different PVC pieces that would result in less problems during shipping and fewer offcuts. And the remaining offcuts could be recycled into new product, significantly reducing the over waste involved.

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On the tools with Resene Construction

We manufacture a wide range of polymer extrusions for exterior facades, helping Resene and their applicators stay ahead of the competition.

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Heritage Restoration Projects.

EPL has worked alongside the Antarctic Heritage Trust solving issues with windows, door and other sealing situations, where a knowledge of the materials best suited for the extreme polar conditions is essential, keeping the heritage requirements front and centre.

Heritage Restoration Projects.

Custom development

There's nothing we like more than working with clients to help shape new product design.

Our process starts with listening to your specific needs, then exploring the best approach to deliver the right solution.

We find partnering with clients early in the design process results in greater manufacturing cost savings. Chat to us early so we can help you maximise efficiencies.

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Looking for a solution for your building product?

We offer competitively priced polymer for the building industry, including exterior and interior profiles made either rigid, flexible or both.