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PolyCycle® spools product stewardship program

As part of EPL's commitment to reducing waste, in 2023 we introduced a product stewardship scheme. The PolyCycle® spool is replacing cardboard spools on our high volume products.

The PolyCycle® Spool is designed to be reused over and over again. When it reaches its end of life, send it back to us and we will regrind it up so the raw material will be used in either PolyCycle® spool or other products we manufacture.

Frequently asked questions

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PolyCycle® spool return box

Our custom designed PolyCycle® spool return boxes are designed to take 10 complete spools back. Simply fill the box and return it back to EPL.

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PolyCycle® spool disassembly

The PolyCycle® spools have been designed to easily stack one on the other to ensure the maximum amount fits in the return box.

Want to join the PolyCycle® spool product stewardship scheme?

If you want to join the PolyCycle® spool product stewardship scheme then get in contact with the team.

PolyCycle® spool return form

To arrange collection of your PolyCycle® spools, please fill out the form below.