Agriculture polymer milkware tubing

Quality polymer solutions for the agriculture industry

Our relationships within the agriculture industry go back 45 years. Over that time we've produced, and continue to produce, a range of custom polymer solutions for agricultural customers, gaining a strong reputation for producing quality, cost-effective products at scale.

Our customers look to us to not only manufacture their products but collaborate with them design and refine their products too.

The profiles we develop are used in a variety of products for a number of applications.

  • Key products
  • Milkware tubing
  • Dairy shed linings
  • Washdown hoses
  • Hydroponic troughs

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dairy shed plastic tubing

Design and development

There’s nothing we like more than working with clients to help shape new product design.

Our process starts with listening to your specific needs, then exploring the best approach to deliver the right solution.

We find partnering with clients early in the design process results in greater manufacturing cost savings. Chat to us early on so we can help you maximise efficiencies.

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Whether you're looking for help in new product design or improving processes behind an existing product, our team is here to help.