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Supporting Farmers since 1987

We have been supplying the agriculture and dairy industry since 1987, when we first started supplying our washdown hose. Over that time we've produced, and continue to produce, a range of products for agricultural customers, gaining a strong reputation for producing quality, cost-effective products at scale. We have been manufacturing silicone products for close to 50 years including milk tube. Our customers look to us to not only manufacture their products but collaborate with them design and refine their products too.

The profiles we develop are used in a variety of products for a number of applications.

  • Key products
    • Milkware tubing
    • Dairy shed linings
    • Washdown hoses

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Silicone milk tube

For our client, we supply a range of premium silicone tube.

Key features:

  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand using high quality materials.
  • Developed from our own range of high performing silicone products, designed specifically for use within the dairy industry.
  • Formulated to deliver high-tear strength – 70% higher than some silicone products in the market.
  • High resistance to UV, Ozone and weathering.
  • Resists cracking, splitting and stays flexible down to -70°C.
  • Extended tube life – silicone does not develop porosity to support bacterial growth as seen with conventional rubber tubing.
  • Compliant to BfR recommendation XV European food grade standard.
  • Smooth bore, easily cleaned with conventional dairy cleaning methods and agents.

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PVC Non Toxic Tube JPEG

UPVC non-toxic tube

We also manufacture a range of non-toxic UPC hose that is used in the Dairy Sheds

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Washdown hose

We have been manufacturing hose in our Christchurch, New Zealand factory since 1987. Our hose is specifically designed for the New Zealand environment. Its designed to last longer than standard rubber with it special triple blend giving it superior strength.

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dairy shed plastic tubing

Design and development

There’s nothing we like more than working with clients to help shape new product design.

Our process starts with listening to your specific needs, then exploring the best approach to deliver the right solution.

We find partnering with clients early in the design process results in greater manufacturing cost savings. Chat to us early on so we can help you maximise efficiencies.

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Looking for a polymer product solution?

Whether you're looking for help in new product design or improving processes behind an existing product, our team is here to help.