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Slip sheets are a thin, lightweight and hygienic alternative to using wooden pallets. Slip sheets are an effective way to save space and ultimately transport costs.


  • Save space, export more - save up to 30% over traditional pallets allowing you to export more.
  • Lightweight - weighs 1/30th as much as wooden pallets.
  • Save costs - no need for pallet exchange.
  • Recyclable - can be made out of both recycled or virgin material depending on your requirements.
  • Versatile - can be used in cold and humid environments
  • Longevity - longer sheet life compared to corrugated and fibreboard.
  • Robust - we can provide laboratory batch testing reports for quality assurance and traceability.

Slip sheet customisation

Our equipment can suit any pallet size up to 1500mm x 2500mm. Sheet thickness can range from 0.55mm up to 2.00mm. Larger solutions can be engineered through enquiry.

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