With a contemporary approach to manufacturing and a dedicated R&D facility we live by our goal to deliver the best possible polymer product solutions to our customers.

Our process starts with listening to your specific challenges and needs. Our expert team then explores and develops a fit-for-purpose response, be it designing new products, developing new manufacturing techniques that improve efficiency, quality or reduce cost, or even boosting sustainability or reducing impact of pre-existing products through material innovation.

The earlier we can partner with you, the greater the difference we can make.

Rapid prototyping


Rapid prototyping

We are investing in our own technology to produce 3D prototypes. We have also partnered with the leading 3D printing specialist, so we can produce rapid prototypes of our customer's profiles.

3D Flow Modelling

Our R&D Team use the latest 3D Flow Modelling so we can virtually trial our dies. This cuts down the traditional time for R&D, meaning we can turnaround Off-Tool Samples (OTS) faster and more efficiently.


Collaborating with you and our expert R&D team, we fine-tune your design to ensure its robust. This process involves sharing working drawings with you to review and sign off.

This process has been refined over our 45 years to ensure you have no issues further down the manufacturing line, offering protection and transparency.


Once you're happy with the design and have signed off the drawings, we move into die development.

This is often one of the most exciting stages of the process as you get to see your designs come to life.

We will provide you with off tool samples (OTS) for you to review and check.


Once you've approved the OTS, we move into the final stage of your product development; manufacturing.

As experts in extruded and injection moulding manufacturing, we can deliver your product at large volumes and we go to great lengths to ensure it meets both your specifications and our strict quality standards.

Looking for a polymer product solution?

Whether you're looking for help in new product design or improving processes or advancing your sustainability behind an existing product, our team is here to help.