Dishdrawer with polymer seal

Quality polymer solutions for the appliance industry

We have been working with customers in the appliance industry since we started in 1974, regularly teaming up with leading appliance designers from around the world to help turn their ideas into a reality.

Our understanding of the manufacturing nuances of the appliance industry and our expertise in polymer extrusion and injection moulding, makes us an ideal provider for anyone who needs quality, cost-effective polymer solutions for new or existing appliances.

The profiles we develop are used in a variety of products for a number of applications.

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Key applications

  • Rigid and flexible trims
  • Seals
  • Hoses for ovens, freezers and refrigerators.

Key materials we work with

  • TPV
  • Silicone
  • ABS and Metalized PET on ABS (Foil)

Solutions that stack up

When internationally renowned appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel approached us about their new proposed dishwasher, the DishDrawer®, we couldn't wait to help them turn their revolutionary idea into reality.

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Design and development

There’s nothing we like more than working with clients to help shape new product design.

Our process starts with listening to your specific needs, then exploring the best approach to deliver the right solution.

We find partnering with clients early in the design process results in greater manufacturing cost savings. Chat to us early on so we can help you maximise efficiencies.

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Looking for a solution for your appliance design?

We offer competitively priced polymer products for the appliance industry.