window joinery polymer extrusion profile

Quality polymer products for window glazing

Our partnerships in the window industry go back 45 years. We've produced countless polymer extrusion profiles since then, forever adapting and innovating to the changing needs of the industry, building specifications and codes, to become one of the most trusted suppliers in New Zealand and beyond.

We supply profiles for timber and aluminium joinery, working closely with our clients in each to design, refine, and manufacture quality and robust products they're proud to take to market.

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Key applications and materials we work with

Key applications

  • Residential and commercial window gaskets
  • TPV and silicone setting/spacer blocks
  • Rigid profiles
  • Foamed seals
  • General glazing seals

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Customer Story - A Game Changing Seal

What separates EPL from the others, is our ability to custom design complex seals for your application.

A game changing seal
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PolyCycle® Spool Product stewardship programme.

Through our product stewardship programmes, we prioritise the use of reusable spools and stillages to reduce cardboard waste as well as reliance on timber pallets. Wherever possible we replace wooded pallets with durable, custom-designed stillages that can be used over and over again.

And our PolyCycle® Spools, made from recycled materials, are used on certain product lines instead of traditional cardboard. The spools are returned to us by our customers to be used multiple times over and if a spool is damaged, we can recycle the PolyCycle® material to make new spools.

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Design and development

There’s nothing we like more than working with clients to help shape new product design.

Our process starts with listening to your specific needs, then exploring the best approach to deliver the right solution.

We find partnering with clients early in the design process results in greater manufacturing cost savings. Chat to us early on so we can help you maximise efficiencies.

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