Partnering with Resene Construction 20 years ago, we’ve seen a number of innovations introduced into the construction industry. One in particular, is the result of our work together.

Identifying the need for an extruded PVC product that enables a smooth, water-tight plaster finish on exterior facades, our design team worked alongside their technical development team to create an extruded polymer solution that makes it easier for Resene and their applicators to create a seal between buildings and joinery.

Our latest innovation, the V3 extrusion, currently replaces four different flashing suites and is Resene Construction’s biggest seller in this space. By working together under one roof throughout all stages of design, development and manufacturing, we’re able to take total control and remain confident in providing quality products.

Quality product, good turnaround, consistent supply throughout the year, accurate and innovative... it's a close working relationship that we have with EPL and they always deliver a quality product.

Mark Flewellen

National Technical Development Manager - Resene Construction

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