When internationally renowned appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel approached us about their new proposed dishwasher, the DishDrawer®, we couldn't wait to help them turn their revolutionary idea into reality.

Responding in kind

A dishwashing system made of two independent drawers was a market first and with it came a specific set our challenges our team needed to help see Fisher & Paykel through.

Compared to standard dishwashers, DishDrawers® require smaller parts, need to weigh less and require advanced waterproofing.

We responded to these challenges with three smart solutions, including a new bespoke product innovation.

Parts of the revolution

Our expert team designed and manufactured three specific products.

Inflatable rubber gasket

To cope with the high water pressure, we developed an inflatable silicone rubber gasket to seal the doors under high water pressure. It inflates when the door closes and deflates to all but disappear when the door is opened.

A resistant fill hose

Using a special grade of silicone rubber and a specialised cutting system, we produced a highly flexible, fatigue resistant fill hose with very tight dimensional tolerances to meet critical potable water standards.

Bespoke drain hose

Using a new material for the client’s exclusive use, as well as a purpose-made corrugator and cutter, we created a drain hose that is chemically inert, resistant to collapse, highly flexible and has very precise location grooves.

Need your own custom solution?

Whether you're looking for help in new product design or in improving processes behind an existing product, our team is here to help.