Altus Windows came to us with an idea for a new foam seal that could replace every variable wedge with one product.

With over 20 years’ experience working with foam seals of all types, we designed, developed and delivered their revolutionary idea at scale.

A New Zealand first.

We started by creating an off-tool sample that could be tested on their wider window system.

This was vital to developing and refining the final product, and it meant we were able to create working prototypes before considering production at scale.

Several materials, one extrusion.

While a lot of products use a single material - and therefore become a single extrusion when manufactured - this foam has been extruded using several different materials.

The result? A complex profile that can potentially streamline the entire fabrication process.

“[It] provides a better seal than current (existing) seals. More compression allows more tolerance in manufacture. Visually better. A nice flat, even surface in the frame. Push-in feature gives [the] ability to easily replace/retrofit on site.”

Andrew Rowlands, Director Raylight Aluminium