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Silicone product manufacture

We are experts in manufacturing silicone products for a variety of industries in New Zealand and beyond, such as agriculture, appliances and construction. A clean and non-toxic material, we also create food and medical grade silicone products.

Our silicone products are manufactured from silicone rubber, an elastomer renowned for sealing and gasketing applications in many settings. With super strength, silicone is also renowned for its performance in high heat and cool, and for withstanding harsh outdoor conditions.

We have a variety of options available or we can customise something to suit.

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Extreme temperature resistance

Our silicone products handle temperatures from -50°C up to and beyond 250°C. It’s able to withstand indefinite use at 150°C and proven to perform 10,000 hours at 200°C

All-weather resilience

Our silicone rubber products perform outdoors even when exposed to harsh UV rays, wind and rain. Excellent weatherability compared to organic rubbers

A purer, safer product

Non-toxic medical and food grade options available

Long life strength

Silicone rubber, unlike other types, is very flexible and stretchy. Its high tear strength means it won’t split or break and it also has good chemical resistance making it easy to clean and sterilise.

Industries we are experienced working with:

  • window joinery using polymer


    Silicone is a key material we use in creating residential and commercial window gaskets/seals and setting/spacer blocks. We supply developments for timber and aluminium joinery, working closely with our clients in each to design, refine, and manufacture quality and robust products they're proud to take to market.

  • Case studies cta


    With high tear resistance and high compressibility and resilience, our silicone developments have the long life needed for construction and building products. Whether it’s to seal, insulate or protect, from intricate profiles to expansive, our silicone range of solutions suit a wide variety of applications or we can customise a product to suit your needs.

  • Food FA

    Food & beverage

    Non-toxic and odourless, silicone is ideal for products that interact with the edible components of food and beverage production. We are food grade silicone manufacturers with solutions for a variety of applications, from gaskets for machinery to industrial oven seals to food and beverage transfer tubing and more.

  • medical silicone tubing


    We manufacture medical tubing for non-invasive use, silicone grommets/washers, base isolation bearing mounts and other silicone rubber developments. We have a range of silicone tubing sizes available.

Capabilities with flexibility

Drawing on almost 50 years of experience, we offer real end to end solution delivery - from R&D and design services to solve a specific challenge right through to being the manufacturing partner for that solution.

We also aim to be leaders in sustainability within our industry, helping clients find new and better ways to create the polymer products they need.

With factories in both New Zealand and Thailand, we use a range of manufacturing techniques to produce quality products at scale, with accuracy and cost efficiency, and with sustainability at the forefront.

Custom design and development

We’re experienced in helping shape new product design as well as improving on the existing. We can also help you find efficiencies in the manufacturing of what you need. Talk to us about your requirements.