We specialise in extruded and injection moulded polymer manufacturing using both traditional and recycled materials. From working with customers to shape new product design to reliably delivering on large volume orders, we work across a range of industries internationally. And by approaching every project with complete product lifecycle in mind from the outset, we produce high-quality, long-lasting products, some of which have the potential to biodegrade or be recycled.

Materials we work with

Traditional polymers

Our expert knowledge and vast experience in the nuances of polymer manufacturing has made us one New Zealand’s most trusted suppliers of polymer solutions using materials such as TPV, PVC, ABS, Silicone and more. We specialise in polymer extrusion profiles and injection moulding at scale, using both rigid and flexible profiles.

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Silicone is a clean, strong, and non-toxic material, perfect for creating food and medical grade products or use in sealing or high heat/cold applications. We are experts in manufacturing silicone products for a variety of industries in New Zealand and beyond, such as agriculture, appliances and construction.

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PolyCycle® is made from a blend of recycled and recyclable compounds from our existing polymer supply and new, synthetic polymer. Taking previously used products or leftover materials, PolyCycle® is made of petrochemicals but is more sustainable due the use of by-products and, in many cases, its ability to be recycled.

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Looking for a polymer solution?

Whether you need a recycled solution to lower your environmental impact or a unique polymer that doesn’t exist anywhere else, we can help you find precisely the right material for your application.