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Introducing PolyCycle®

PolyCycle® is made from a blend of recycled and recyclable compounds from our existing polymer supply and new, synthetic polymer. Taking previously used products or leftover materials, PolyCycle® is made of petrochemicals but is more sustainable due the use of by-products and, in many cases, its ability to be recycled.

PolyCycle® is a great solution for long-lasting products that are created more sustainably, reducing our reliance on new fossil fuels in the process.

PolyCycle® Slip Sheets

Our PolyCycle® Slip Sheets are a lightweight alternative to wooden pallets that are recyclable, up to 30% stronger, longer lasting and usable in both cold and humid environments.

Our PolyCycle® Slip Sheets are made from a combination of recyclable virgin material and reprocessed material that has never entered the waste stream. This blend of recycled and recyclable compounds means they can be recycled after use to more produce PolyCycle® products.

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Looking for a more sustainable polymer solution?

If you have a new or existing product that you'd like to be more sustainably made, we're here to help.