Introducing the PolyNatural® Ties A better choice for the viticulture and kiwifruit industries

PolyNatural® is a leader in biopolymer technology and is always looking for ways to develop products that deliver real change—like our PolyNatural® Ties.

In the viticulture and horticulture industries, training and securing new vines or saplings to grow more effectively usually uses plastic plant ties, but once they are established, there’s no further use for these ties and they’re discarded to landfills.

PolyNatural® Ties are currently in the prototype stage as we refine the formula and design. Register your interest below.


Specific design for Kiwifruiit growers

We have refined a custom design for growers of Kiwifruit

Specific design for the viticulture industry

We have created a new design for the viticulture industry.

100% bio-based

Comes from waste created from processing wood


Degrades over time in the right soil conditions

Simple to use

Easily clips into No.8 wire

Flexible and durable

Designed for New Zealand conditions

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