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“Pl@$tic’ doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Drawing on our long history in traditional polymer production, EPL is working towards being a leader of bioplastic technology and delivering real change.

Collaborating with our partners has allowed our Research and Development team to create PolyNatural® - a family of sustainable bio-based polymer technologies (also known as a ‘bioplastics’) that have been tested to biodegrade in certain soil and water environments with the right conditions. The PolyNatural® range is great for developing outdoor products that can completely break down at the end of their lifecycle into C02, H20 and biomass.

The PolyNatural® range

PolyNatural® Terrain

PolyNatural® Terrain has been tested to biodegrade over time in the right soil conditions as well as compost.

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PolyNatural® Aqua

PolyNatural® Aqua has been tested to biodegrade over time in the right conditions, including soil and marine and fresh water environments.

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Looking for a biodegradable or bioplastic solution?

Every product is different and depends on its purpose and the environment it’s used in. Partner with us to develop precisely the right material for your application.