We're committed to doing the best we can for the communities we live and work in. This comes in the form of our focus on sustainability as well as being actively involved in supporting community organisations and initiatives.

Putting sustainability at the fore

Every day, we are making real changes that work towards better sustainability. Because as a business, we are acutely aware of the environmental impact our industry has. We design with complete product lifecycle in mind, including longevity, reusability, recyclability and degradability. We are also developing our own sustainable polymers.

Sustainability is also an everyday performance measure for us at EPL. We have been part of the Plastics New Zealand Sustainability Initiative since 2003 and we partner with Comspec to actively decrease the amount of waste going to the landfill, ensuring we recycle paper, cardboard and other materials as much as possible. Other changes we have already made include shifting from foam pallets to stillages, using sustainable slip sheets, and receiving scrap back and putting it back into the production cycle.

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Trees That Count

Native trees are a gift to our natural environment, they absorb carbon from the atmosphere and are planted to last for decades longer. Every time we do a new development we gift native trees to be planted across New Zealand.

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Operation Clean Up

Each year our team get involved in Keep New Zealand Beautiful's Clean Up Week campaign. We travel to various locations to support the efforts of the local community to clean up beaches, rivers and parks.

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Canterbury Westcoast Rescue Trust

The Canterbury Westcoast Rescue Helicopter provides a vital service. They have helped many people, even saving lives! We are so proud to be able to support their work.

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Volunteer work

Our Thailand team have an annual volunteer day supporting local organisations in their community. In New Zealand, our team volunteer time and money to cook for families staying at Ronald McDonald House while their children receive hospital treatment.

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