230523 EPL Planting Day 087

Greening Te Awa Kura Barnett Park

EPL are proud to support Te Awa Kura Barnett Park Regreening Group & their vision is to restore the Barnett Park Valley with a native forest running from Sea to Summit.

We joined them for a planting day using our biobased, biodegradable PolyNatural Plant Protectors and wool weedmats donated by Wool Life to plant 150 New Zealand native saplings in the area.

230523 EPL Planting Day 028

About PolyNatural® Plant Protectors

PolyNatural® range of plant protectors help protect young plants from pests and the elements to support faster growth and improve survival rates, making them ideal for vegetation, revegetation or restoration projects.

Available in both standard and slanted hillside configurations and made to withstand New Zealand's varied environment they're ideal for small or large scale planting projects.

PolyNatural® plant protectors are available in a range of sizes to suit various plant shapes and sizes.

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