Poly Natural Aqua Pos RGB 1

The plastic that can biodegrade in soil and water

PolyNatural® Aqua is bio-based polymer technology (also known as a ‘bioplastic’) that has been carefully developed to go the distance on the shelf and tested and certified to biodegrade over time in the right conditions, including soil and water environments. PolyNatural® Aqua is great for developing outdoor products that can completely break down at the end of their lifecycle into C02, H20 and biomass.

Biodegradable plant protectors

Plant protectors made from PolyNatural® Aqua are an environmentally sound way to optimise planting projects near water. Protect your investment and encourage growth then bury them in soil or put in with compost. If some accidentally make their way into water, PolyNatural® Aqua will biodegrade (in marine and freshwater environments).

This product is still in development, however please get in touch to register your interest.

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