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Introducing PolyCycle®

PolyCycle® is made from a blend of recycled and recyclable compounds from our existing polymer supply and new, synthetic polymer. Taking previously used products or leftover materials, PolyCycle® is made of petrochemicals but is more sustainable because we can reduce our reliance on new fossil fuels in its creation.

PolyCycle® is a great solution for those wanting to develop more sustainably-created products that last long-term.

PolyCycle® Plant Protectors

PolyCycle® can be used for a number of product applications, across a range of industries and we're already investing in developing exciting new products using it, including our PolyCycle® Plant Protector.

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PolyCycle® Slip Sheets

Our PolyCycle® Slip Sheets are a lightweight alternative that is recyclable, up to 30% stronger, longer lasting and usable in both cold and humid environments.

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Looking for your own sustainable polymer solution?

If you have a new or existing product that you'd like to be more sustainably made, we're here to help.