For over 45 years we’ve helped construction businesses create those little polymer ‘somethings’ that make their big idea work.

Our innovative team works closely with our clients in the construction industry to design and develop rigid and flexible polymer products to solve even the most specific challenges. A unique, perfectly designed little polymer ‘something’ can make all the difference.

Got a construction problem that needs solving? Talk to us about creating your perfect thingamajig.

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Committed to innovation

We have a long history of innovation. We love nothing more than working with customers to shape our futures together through the design and delivery quality polymer product solutions that make a real difference.

Custom development and design

Our customers often come to us unsure of what they need. And that’s ok, because we have a history as innovators, designing and developing rigid and flexible polymer products to solve even the most specific challenges.

Learn how we can help you become a pioneer in your field.

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A new approach to reduce waste

Redesigning a seal for B&D Doors to be better fit for purpose resulted in less damage during shipping and fewer offcuts, significantly reducing overall waste. And making it from a fully recyclable material reduces the ongoing impact even further.

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A game changing seal

Altus Windows came to us with an idea for a new foam seal to streamline the entire fabrication process. We helped turn their idea into reality by developing a revolutionary and scalable solution.

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On the tools with Resene Construction

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with Resene Construction, innovating products for their business, including the recent V3 extrusion—their biggest selling product in this space.

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Looking for a solution for your building project?

We offer competitively priced polymer for the building industry, including exterior and interior profiles made either rigid, flexible or both.