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Introducing PolyDegrade™

PolyDegrade™ is a custom biopolymer made from a unique blend of compounds derived from plant material. It has been carefully designed to both go the distance on the shelf and degrade naturally over time.

In the right conditions PolyDegrade™ will break down faster than a twig, making it an ideal sustainable solution for single-use product applications.

Looking for your own bioplastic solution?

If you have a new or existing product that you'd like to be more sustainably made, we're here to help.

PolyDegrade™ in use

When Crown Research Institue, Scion, approached us to help develop a faster degrading bioplastic vine clip for the viticulture industry, we threw everything we could at the challenge.

Harnessing the expertise of our extrusion team, we optimised the clip to create a solution that's not just sustainable, but scalable too.

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