Introducing our new sustainable polymers: PolyDegrade™, PolyNatural™ and PolyCycle™

At EPL we understand we too need to do our bit to operate more sustainably. That's why on top of the waste management and tree planting projects we already commit too, we're developing a new range of sustainable polymers made from biodegradable, natural or recyclable compounds.

Each new sustainable polymer is being created to meet our own vision to be an industry leader in bioplastic technology; the growing needs of our clients to meet their sustainability goals, and address the wider public’s concern about the use of finite fossil fuels.

We're actively developing products made of our sustainable polymers

In partnership with leading research laboratories from around the world - including New Zealand’s own Scion - we’re already investing in developing exciting new products using PolyDegrade™, PolyNatural™ and PolyCycle™, some of which are ready to order.

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Looking for a sustainable solution?

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