Putting sustainability at the fore

As a business, we are acutely aware of the environmental impact our industry has, so we take a contemporary approach to manufacturing. We actively pursue better sustainability to not only satisfy growing customer demand, but because we see it as our responsibility to improve manufacturing practices and the products we create.

Developing new sustainable materials

Our scientists and R&D team are finding new ways of reusing materials and creating more robust materials with longer useable (and reusable) lifespans, as well as better ways to manufacture at scale.

We aim to be a leader of bioplastic technology and deliver real change by designing with complete product lifecycle in mind from the outset, including reusability, recyclability and degradability. We are developing our own innovative range of sustainable polymers, some made partially from recycled and recyclable compounds, some of natural materials that are biodegradable in the right conditions.

We're actively developing products made of our sustainable polymers

In partnership with leading research laboratories from around the world, we’re already investing in developing exciting new products using PolyNatural® and PolyCycle® for the horticulture and viticulture industry.

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Looking for a sustainable solution?

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